John 5

Before Reading.

  • Centering prayer— Pray for illumination, “Lord, open my heart and mind by the power of the Holy Spirit,” and remain in silence.


  • Read slowly, keeping any words or phrase that come to your mind, and mark on them.
  • Close eyes and meditate on what you read.
  • Take a note if you have question, inspiration.

Read    John 5


“Who is Jesus Christ?” The Gospel of John testifies that Jesus Christ is God. Jesus claims it in his healing story (1-15) and his testimony (16-47).

Jesus healed an invalid man for thirty-eight years. He couldn’t take care of himself to get healed when the Bethesda pool was stirred. No one had helped him for thirty-eight years. “do you want to get well?” Jesus asked. The invalid man gave self- designated response that no one had helped him.  Jesus commanded, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” And he began to walk. His healing was not by his own faith in Jesus. But it was by the word of Jesus, God’s word with authority and power. Word of God has healing power.

God asks us today, “Do you want to get well?”

Jesus claimed his union with the Father. He and his Father are one. He does what his Father does because he can do only what he sees his Father doing. He is working because his Father is at work. He is united with his Father in love. His Father’s life is in his life. Jesus does not need men’s testimony because he himself is testimony by what he is doing Father’s work, life- giving, life-healing, life-restoring, and life-saving.

John, the writer of the Gospel of John, recorded the story of Jesus so that reader can believe in Jesus. “Everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.” (3:16)

“Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”

After Reading —- Reflection and prayer.

  • Reflect on this question, “What does God speak to me today in this chapter?
  • Pray that God’s word today be the way, the life, and the truth to you.
  • Live it out through the day.

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