1 Peter 5

Before Reading.

  • Centering prayer— Pray for illumination, “Lord, open my heart and mind by the power of the Holy Spirit,” and remain in silence.


  • Read slowly, keeping any words or phrase that come to your mind, and mark on them.
  • Close eyes and meditate on what you read.
  • Take a note if you have question, inspiration.   

Read   1 Peter 5

Concluding exhortation.

Peter concluded his letter with exhortation to elders. Elders in the first century referred to the entrusted church leaders with wisdom of age, like shepherd who were tending sheep. “chief shepherd,” refers to Jesus Christ. He instructed younger ones to follow the direction and shepherding of the elders. “All of you,” means young and old.

The warning to be “self-control,” is repeated three time in the 1 Peter. The call to self-control/clearheaded or alert, is for the purpose of hope (1:13), for prayer (4:7), and for resisting the devil’s schemes (5:8).

Peter assured his readers that their suffering was not unique only to them but was being experienced by other Christians who were loyal to Jesus Christ throughout the Roman Empire. He assured them that God would restore and make them strong and stand firm in faith.

In his final greetings, he mentioned specific persons. Silas, also called Silvanus, was probably identical with Silas, Apostle Paul’s mission partner (Acts 15:22, 40; 16:19; 17:4). Mark was also identical with Mark in Acts 12:121; Colossians 4:15; Philemon 1:24.  

“Babylon” has historical remark. When Babylonia destroyed Jerusalem in the 6th century BC, Babylon was often used as a reference to Israel’s archenemies. To the first century Jews and Christians, Babylon was a cryptic name for Rome (Revelation 17:5).

After Reading —- Reflection and prayer.

  • Reflect on this question, “What does God speak to me today in this chapter?
  • Pray that God’s word today be the way, the life, and the truth to you.
  • Live it out through the day.

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