Isaiah 55

Before Reading.

  • Centering prayer— Pray for illumination, “Lord, open my heart and mind by the power of the Holy Spirit,” and remain in silence.


  • Read slowly, keeping any words or phrase that come to your mind, and mark on them.
  • Close eyes and meditate on what you read.
  • Take a note if you have question, inspiration.   

Read Isaiah 55


A Song of Joy.

Prophet Isaiah speaks for God, God’s invitation to all who are thirsty. Being thirsty is a poetic expression of desiring heart for something to be satisfied. Direct listener of this prophecy is the exiled in Babylonia, longing for freedom and for returning home country, Jerusalem, eventually longing for God. God invite all to come to God, to the richness of God, plentiful of God.

This prophet is composed of a hymn of joy and triumph, celebrating the approaching consummation of Israel’s restoration.

This invitation is for all, Jews and Gentiles, rich and poor, to share in the fruits of new age. New age is of God, not of man. It is also everlasting. Jesus fulfilled this invitation, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

“seeking the Lord,” “call on him,” is a prophetic voice calling for repentance, leaving behind earthly thoughts and ways, and grasping instead heavenly realities.

God’s invitation comes from God word, which is everlasting. God’s covenant is never changed and it will be completed at the end.

All these picture of God’s invitation brings joy, peace, song of praise, celebrating a new Exodus into Eden-like land (Genesis 1:11-12).


 1. What does this passage tell you about God?

 2. What does this passage tell you about people.?

3. What does this passage tell you about yourself and God’s will for you?   

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