Ezekiel 35

Before Reading.

  • Centering prayer— Pray for illumination, “Lord, open my heart and mind by the power of the Holy Spirit,” and remain in silence.


  • Read slowly, keeping any words or phrase that come to your mind, and mark on them.
  • Close eyes and meditate on what you read.
  • Take a note if you have question, inspiration.   

Read Ezekiel 35


A prophesy against Edom.

“Mount Seir,” (v2) was in Edom, located southeast of the Dead Sea. Edom was another name of Esau, the elder son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob. (Genesis 25:30). The Hebrew word Edom means “red” which related to Esau, the ancestor of Edomite, who was born red all over his body.  

Edom rebelled as Israel split into two kingdoms, Northern kingdom Israel and Southern kingdom Judah. Verse 5 recalls for what Edom did to Israelites.

The oracle against Edom is divided into four; The emphasis on the desolations of Edom (vv1-4), the indictment echoing the ancient rivalry between Jacob and Esau (vv5-9), the indictment of Edom’s greed after Judah’s desolation(vv10-12a), and the desolation of Edom (12b-15).

This prophecy against Edom is focused on “Then they will know that I am the Lord,” repeated three times.

1. What does this passage tell you about God?

2. What does this passage tell you about people.?

3. What does this passage tell you about yourself and God’s will for you?  

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