Zechariah 5

Before Reading.

  • Centering prayer— Pray for illumination, “Lord, open my heart and mind by the power of the Holy Spirit,” and remain in silence.


  • Read slowly, keeping any words or phrase that come to your mind, and mark on them.
  • Close eyes and meditate on what you read.
  • Take a note if you have question, inspiration.   

Read Zechariah 5


The Flying Scroll, and the woman in a basket.

Two visions, sixth and seventh, symbolize God’s judgement for cleansing.

The scroll represents the word of God materialized. An image of a huge flying scroll symbolizes the reestablishment of biblical law in the whole land. A cubit is about eighteen inches. The curse is to purify both civil and cultic life for those who are lazy in building the temple and those who steal.

A woman in a basket (ephah) is a personified sin, wickedness of Judah will be purified by sending its sin to Babylon(Shinar), where the basket (ephah) will be worshipped. Stuffed into the basket, sealed with a lead, and sent away symbolizes cleaning the land. An ephah is a container with about six gallons’ capacity. It will become an idol of image in Babylonia.

1. What does this passage tell you about God?

2. What does this passage tell you about people.?

3. What does this passage tell you about yourself and God’s will for you?  

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